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November 2, 2020

The Ranch Events Complex Returns to Pre-Covid Conditions and Looks To A New Future

(Loveland, CO) - The State of Colorado has ended its lease at The Ranch Events Complex and has returned the sites used as alternate care facilities to their original condition or better. As The Ranch looks to new opportunities, the complex must consider public health guidelines and recommendations in their re-opening plans.

Deconstruction of the state’s alternate care facility began on Tuesday, October 13th, and finished by the end of the month. JE Dunn Construction is the contractor of record for the deconstruction and the state oversaw the project. Teams have worked diligently on the restoration of both the FNBO building and the Mac Equipment, Inc. Arena to their original condition or better. All reusable materials and supplies will be moved to the Denver Convention Center or recycled. Additionally, all of the concrete has been removed from the Mac Equipment, Inc. Arena,  and the original footing has been be re-installed.


On April 7, 2020, the state signed the lease that granted them use of the FNBO Exhibition Hall, the McKee Community Building and the Mac Equipment, Inc. Indoor Arena. In the months that have followed, The Ranch Events Complex has been grateful for the opportunity to serve the community in several ways. After the eruption of the Cameron Peak Fire, the largest fire in state history, The Ranch became the central location for the fire command center, hosting over 100 employees and volunteers per day. The Mac Equipment, Inc. Arena was used to house over 250 firefighters during the September snow storms, and over 450 evacuated animals have taken shelter in the barns of The Ranch since the fire’s inception.


“We consider ourselves an integral part of the community, and as such, we’re exceedingly grateful we’ve been able to assist in a time of need,” says Campus Director Chris Ashby. “2020 has brought trials and tribulations for the whole community, and through it all, it’s been our goal to serve the residents of Larimer County in whatever ways we can.”


Although The Ranch will return to its original conditions, events are still under restriction on a local and state level. Following public health guidelines, management at The Ranch is working meticulously on re-open plans for the campus that focus on the safety and well-being of guests, staff, and clients. New procedures will include increased cleanings, enforced mask-wearing, social distancing, and temperature checks. As more information becomes available on The Ranch re-opening plan, they will be communicated via our social media, website, and other assets.