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Extreme Dogs

These high flying, extreme sport, wickedly talented athletic canines will capture your heart as they weave, dive, and jump showing off their agility skills! The four-legged stunt stars help promote animal rescue and pet adoption as most of them are adopted from rescues.  

Globe of Death

The Globe of Death Squad will make your palms sweat and heart race with their non-stop motorcycle madness. Watch in awe as these professional trick riders circle around each other at top speed inside of a steel ball. They seem to defy gravity as they perform a meticulously planned, perfectly timed, and carefully executed ride.

Twiggy the Waterskiing Squirrel

Come join Twiggy and her team for a family friendly, fun-filled, interactive show featuring Twiggy the World-Famous Water-Skiing Squirrel! Learn about water safety, waterskiing and what wild things Twiggy gets into at her lagoon. This show is full of laughs, surprises and even features a special guest, Roxie, as Twiggy’s trusty lifeguard.

Ninja Nation

A Ninja Nation Mobile course is fun for all ages and abilities, from kids who have never stepped on an obstacle to pro ninjas. It tests balance, agility, and strength for ninjas of any level. This two-lane course features three truss sections and the famous Warped Wall. Grab a friend and come and race with Ninja Nation!

Pancake Breakfast

Join us as we start a great day at Fair with a hearty and delicious pancake breakfast. It’s free and open to everyone to attend!