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Meetings & Events

First National Bank Exhibition Hall

The First National Bank Exhibition Hall has 36,000 square feet of exhibition space and can accommodate trade shows, banquets, conferences and many other types of events.

The North and South Halls of the First National Bank Exhibition Hall are each 18,000 square feet and the South Hall can be divided into two spaces: Morehouse Hall at 6, 000 square feet and Cowley Hall at 12, 000 square feet of space.

The Larimer County Conference Center is adjacent to the building and holds 3 meeting rooms, Brown, Beard and Sandhouse. These can be open into one larger room. There are also two additional meeting rooms just off the South Hall; Cross and Rodenberger.

Thomas M. McKee 4-H, Youth & Community Building

The Thomas M. McKee Building is home to our non-profit organizations in Larimer County but can also be booked by commercial groups. The McKee Building has a 12,500 square foot exhibit hall and 6 meeting rooms. The exhibit hall can subdivide into 3 halls, A,B, or C Hall.