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MAC Equipment, Inc. Indoor Arena

The MAC Equipment, Inc. Arena serves a variety of events at The Ranch Events Complex from equine to dog shows to 4-H camps and events. Upgrades to the MAC Arena will benefit event attendees and allow space for additional exhibitors.


The warm-up space inside the MAC Arena will be expanded to 90 feet by 200 feet, extending the covered space the full length of the two pavilions. This will more than double the warm-up space available to exhibitors at events and allow for increased class sizes and smoother operations. The anticipated completion of the warm-up arena is slated for January 2024.


The West Pavilion wash racks, restrooms and storefront will be reconstructed on the west side of the building. The anticipated completion of the West Pavilion is slated for July 2023.

MAC Equipment, Inc. Indoor Arena Updates

As of April 2023, the west pavilion wash racks have been relocated to the north side of the pavilion and are currently undergoing plumbing and finishing work. Crews are now working on the steel structure of the expanded warm-up arena between the two pavilions.