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Catering & Concessions

The Ranch Events Complex provides in-house, exclusive food and beverage services through Spectra Food Services and Hospitality. From concessions to distinctive catered meetings and events, Spectra equals inspiring cuisine, grand presentations and impeccable service for each guest. Everything our food and beverage team serves is prepared fresh through a series of strict guidelines, with our guest satisfaction at the forefront of our planning. All of our foods start out with the highest quality ingredients, as we strive to purchase from local farmers and suppliers. These quality ingredients are then carefully scooped, grilled, tossed, poured and sautéed right to order for our guests! Our team is prepared to create a memorable, customized, and thoughtful event experience for you from start to finish.

Spectra Food Services is proud to serve fresh food, beverage, and alcohol options through our concessions stands at all Ranch facilities. Please consult with your event coordinator if your event's clientele has specific requests for food items, extended hours, or service requests and a Spectra representative will be happy to assist your questions and requests.

For more information, please contact District General Manager for Spectra Food Services & Hospitality, Karla Lewis or contact Assistant General Manager for Spectra Food Services & Hospitality, Emily Meister.

Nonprofit Organizations

Food & Beverage at The Ranch Events Complex is proudly provided by Spectra Food Services & Hospitality.

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